Cold Cube can offer a range of refrigeration service programs to meet your needs and budget. It is important for a cool room to have a dedicated service schedule to ensure the system is working as efficiently and economically as possible. A large percentage of mechanical breakdowns can be attributed to poor maintenance which in the long run costs money through down time, loss of stock and repair costs.

Our mechanic will do an onsite inspection of the system and provide you with a health check report. This will outline any work that needs to be done and a cost breakdown. You can then make an informed decision if you would like to proceed, all the time knowing, what work is being done and the costs involved.

Why service your cool room?

Prevention is better than cure. A regular maintenance schedule will give peace of mind and prolong the life of your equipment. Click below to find out what is included in your service.

Pressure Readings

Pressure readings are taken to get an understanding of how the refrigeration system is working, it can indicate many things such as an under charge of refrigerant or a blockage in the system. By taking regular readings maintenance becomes preventative rather than responsive.

Visual Inspection

Visual inspection is one of the most effective ways to spot possible problems in a refrigeration system and can be crucial in finding faults early before they cause extensive damage.

Condenser and Evaporator Clean

The condenser and evaporator is used to transfer heat either to or from the refrigerant in the system. This is how the system removes heat from the refrigerated space and dissipates this heat to the cooling medium. When these two surfaces become blocked the system has to work harder to transfer this heat, increasing running costs and reducing the life span of the equipment. This is an all too common problem that can be fixed with a regular service program.

Health Check Report

At the end of every service we will give you a report on how your refrigeration system is running, outlining any problems that may need to be addressed.This allows you to have all the information to make an informed decision.

Pressure Control Check

Pressure controls are mainly used as a safety control. The device is used to cut out the system should the pressures in the system become too high or low. It is important for a system to have this control set correctly and working effectively, to prevent any serious damage.

Drainage Test

Over time food matter/debris can clog up the main drain, causing health and safety ssue, this can easily be solved by cleaning and checking the drainage run regularly.

Door Seals

Door seals are important in preventing warmer air from infiltrating the refrigerated space, making the system work harder and using more electricity. By having effective door seals you will reduce running costs and prolong the life span of the machinery.

Control System Check

Most refrigeration equipment relies on some kind of control system to maintain the refrigerated space. The control system shuts off the system when the desired value is met and turns it on again when value moves outside the set parameters. These parameters are checked to make sure the system is working efficiently and minimising running costs.

Temperature Readings

We can take various readings from different parts of the system to give us a greater understanding of how the system is running. By analysing these readings we can make adjustments to ensure the system is working efficiently and maintaining the desired temperature.

Defrost Check

Many refrigeration units will have some kind of defrost control installed in the system. It is important to check these are working correctly and not putting undue stress on the system.

System Balance

Like most mechanical equipment a refrigeration system has its optimum working conditions, and many things can affect it within the system. We record this information and make adjustments to ensure the system is working at its best which will reduce running costs and extend the life of the equipment.

Anti-bacterial Clean

Cool rooms can be a haven for bacteria and mould, producing harmful substances that can impregnate food causing food poisoning. Air-borne microbes can be spread throughout a cool room by poorly maintained fan units covering walls and ceilings. This can be minimised through regular cleaning using an organic anti-bacterial product that will kill harmful bacteria and absorb unwanted odours.

Cold Cube Hire

Where machinery is concerned nothing can be 100% guaranteed however in the event of a breakdown we can offer fast replacement cooling, using the newly designed Cold Cube, to provide cooling to refrigerated space whilst we fix the problem. This means you can trade as normal and know your stock is in good hands.